<p>Copyright Yanaël Plumet</p>
The Jukebox Installation
concept and dance Tara Pilbrow
scenography and dance Yanaël Plumet

The Jukebox Installation by Tara Pilbrow
An interactive dance installation designed for exhibition spaces.

A performer sits in the corner of the space. Beside this «rest area» is a circle marked on the floor – the «performance space». In front of this, a table with a computer, a playlist and a pile of printed instructions. People walking past can activate the installation by choosing a song, entering their choice into the jukebox and choose the performer. The play list contains a selection of six hundred pieces of music of all kinds. A countdown before the start of the music allows the dancer to enter the performance space; he creates a dance piece which lasts for the duration of the chosen song. The piece ends with the end of the music, and the performer returns to the «rest area».

The Jukebox Installation is a deliberate reference to modern pop culture - entertainment on demand, art as a commercial commodity, the artist as a service provider.

The Jukebox Installation
Performed at the Hafriyat Gallery in Istanbul during Bodig 08