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 Dance in Urban Space

This workshop proposes to a group of performers to experiment different approaches to explore urban spaces, playing with the range of qualities that can emerge from mere pedestrian presence to overt performativity.

An invitation to investigate the dynamics between body and environment by allowing architecture, rhythms, densities and specific atmospheres of the city to inform and influence our process of making dances in the urban context.

One main zone of interest will be the pathways that we open between the inner space, cradle of sensation and imagination and the outer world where things take tangible form and can be shared with others.

Shifting from the studio to public spaces, we will explore the filters through which the flow of external information penetrates our physiological system and stimulates our physical imagination to become presence and action.

This workshop is open to movers, actors, singers, musicians and visual artists interested in engaging their personal background into a guided process of site-specific work.